Buddhist Bracelet Twist - SILVER

Buddhist Bracelets


The Authentic Buddhist Bracelet


Like all the trendy Parisians this summer, adopt the Buddhist bracelets to style your outfits.

The bracelets are made from transparent flexible rods filled with gold leaf. 

Why we love them:

  • Stylish with a boho touch 
  • Waterproof
  • Super comfortable due to light weight
  • Silent ♥︎ you can wear several at the same time

How to style them: we recommend getting various styles and 

preferably in odd numbers like 3, 5, 7 or 9 units. 

Size M : 6.2 cm

Size L : 6.5 cm

The history and tradition of Gold Leaf bracelets

Gold Leaf Bracelets, also called Buddhist, Tibetan, Temple Reeds, Kumlai or Temple Bracelets, are handmade by the monks of the Buddhist temples of Southeast Asia, originally from Thailand. The story goes that they are blessed to bring good luck to their possessor. They spread LOVE, LUCK, PROTECTION, UNITY and GOOD FORTUNE.

Buddhist monks give them to people who donate to their temples as a token of gratitude. They are the quintessential good luck bracelets. And they say that if someone gives them to you, they want you to be very lucky in life.

The story goes that, for its creation, the monks collect gold dust from the offerings to the Buddha and fill each bracelet with it, then seal it with a prayer of protection and sacred oils.

Mantra and meaning of the golden Thai Bracelets

Its closure or connector carries a Mantra engraved in Sanskrit:

  • Mantra of Love (Love)
  • Lucky Mantra

Mantra and meaning of the golden Tibetan Bracelets

Material: recycled plastic and gold leaf leaves

Thickness: 3 mm

Handcrafted by Buddhist monks in Thailand.

Water resistant/ waterproof

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