BEIJA FLOR- Emilia soft flooring

Beija Flor


Beija Flor vinyl mats are an absolute must-have in France at the moment. Imitating antique tiles, the mats are made from high quality industrial vinyl, smooth to the touch, waterproof and easily washable. 


Hand crafted artistry ,past from generation to generation, thickening the human connection which creates tradition and heritage. Using high-end vinyl sheets, this ancient craft is served in a contemporary way.


To embody the texture and comfort of this collection, we have manufactured it with a soft cushion vinyl. The combination of a laid-back, bohemian woven style and the Vinyl material technique provides an ideal solution for a modern and chic living space.
Thickness : 4mm
Weigh per m2 : 2.24 kg
Size & color – please allow slight variations in colors between the images on your screen and the real life products.Due to printing process product size can vary up to 3%. Our products are manually cut to assure one of a kind experience

Handle & care


  • Wash the mat with soap and water on both sides and leave to dry. All floor cleaning liquids should do.
  • Do not use acid or chlorine.

Special care

  • Do not drag heavy furniture across the Mat.
  • Do not fold the mat, leave it flat or roll it into a roll.
  • For indoor use only. Can be used in shaded patio or balcony.
  • Colors may fade in direct sunlight.
  • Our mats do not have anti slip surface and should not be used in wet environments.

The Story Behind

A traditional Kilim mat from Persia, where this artistry thrived. Originally handmade knitted with the loom and wool, we digitally replicated the warm and authentic feel of the artistry line by line.

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