ANATOLE -Orange&Pink Gingham micro-umbrella -SLOANE

Anatole Paris


Pink & Orange Gingham folding micro-umbrella - SLOANE

Anatole pushes its unconventional personality further: new pieces directly inspired by the glamorous and transgressive British neo-punk scene.

This new Tweed & Check collection has been designed so that your umbrella would become the piece of your wardrobe the symbolises freedom: no rules nor codes can be imposed to your style.


Our Gingham has been designed with very contemporary graphical lines


Anatole is a new concept of lightweight, ultra-compact and resistant mini-umbrellas. 

When closed, an Anatole umbrella is just about the size of your mobile phone (17,5cm). More importantly, technical developments have been included to make it as resistant and as light as possible (only 220g).

Thanks to its pocket size and its technology, we like to refer to it as a “micro-umbrella”: a new version of mini-umbrellas with un unbeatable size/resistance ratio.

Technical specifications of the umbrella :

Light weight: 220g

Length when closed: 17.5 cm

Diameter when opened: 84 cm

RIBS : 7 fiber glass ribs with carbon reinforcements. Both materials are strong and light. Fiber glass is flexible and helps resist against strong winds.

Open/Close : manual (to optimise light weight)

Cover : microfibre polyester

Fastening : stainless steel press stud (nickel)

Handle : wood (maple)

Strap : black & white grosgrain

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