BEIJA FLOR vinyl mats

Shop online to style your home with BEIJA FLOR vinyl mats. An absolute must-have in Europe right now, discover the popular BeiJa Flor vinyl mat as an ideal flooring alternative for Australian homes and conditions. Imitating antique tiles, the mats are made from high quality industrial vinyl, smooth to the touch, waterproof and easily washable.

Super practical and amazing decorative effect for the kitchen, bathroom, laundry or even the dining or living room. Ideal in front of the sink, under a desk, in the entrance, in hallways, playrooms; in fact they are perfect for any room in the house, or office space. Beija Flor brings traditional patterns, colours and textures to modern day homes, enabling spaces to be rediscovered and revamped

Designed and made in Northern Israel, in an eco-village overlooking the sea of Galilee.


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